Labour is making real progress in North Lanarkshire, with massive investment in improving school and leisure facilities, and a renewed effort in tackling the scourge of long-term unemployment.





'Labour has delivered real improvements within Calderbank. These have been done working in partnership with local people and local groups.'–Hugh Lucas, Calderbank

'The local councillor has been an excellent ambassador for the people of Chapelhall. Labour has worked hard to bring many improvements to the village.'–Jack Cox, Chapelhall

'Labour has a real plan for local jobs. That means a lot in this area.'–Kris McManus, Airdrie

'The SNP talk the talk, but don't walk the walk - why are steel contracts still going overseas when Scotland can do it?'–David Smeall, Airdrie

'I'm voting Labour, because only they will protect and invest in jobs and services for residents.'–John Mannion, Motherwell